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What is GPX?

To quote the source:

"GPX (the GPS Exchange Format) is a light-weight XML data format for the interchange of GPS data (waypoints, routes, and tracks) between applications and Web services on the Internet."

You can read more about GPX at

How do I get a GPX file or convert my data to GPX?

Programs that already support GPX

There are lots of programs (maybe one that you own already) that support GPX. Here's a few we know about, and the list is growing:


One of the best places to look is at the source of GPX, Topografix. There you can download the FREE EasyGPS software for reading and creating GPX files, or check out the full-featured ExpertGPS product.

How to save a map as a GPX file in EasyGPS:

  1. Configure EasyGPS to communicate with your GPS unit.
  2. Download the data from the GPS unit by clicking on the "Receive" button. You can edit the GPS information here; delete extra waypoints, rename features, etc.
  3. To save, go to FILE / SAVE AS. Type the name of your map in the File name box. Be sure to select "GPS Exchange File (*.gpx)" in the Save As Type box.
  4. IMPORTANT: You want to use FILE / SAVE AS to save a GPX file to your computer out of EasyGPS; don't load the whole EasyGPS up to MyTopo... that won't work!

MapCard Pro

You can use MapCard Pro to produce GPX files even if you don't have a GPS unit.

How to save a map as a GPX file in MapCard:

  1. In MapCard, open the map you want to save.
  2. Make sure the Map Tools are loaded *and* you have added waypoint, route, or pencil lines to your map (these will transfer in GPX).
  3. Click on GPS / Waypoints.
  4. Click on "Download a GPX file to your GPS".
  5. Click on "Process GPX file" and follow the directions. Save the resulting GPX file to your computer.

I've got a GPX file. Now what?

Go to our GPS Map Design Center, select your GPX file, and begin making your custom GPS map!

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