Customized Topo Maps and Aerial Photos

Park Placenames in Pike County, Arkansas

Place Name Latitude Longitude USGS Map
Arrowhead Point Public Use Area 34.2445509 -93.8010231 Center Point NE
Bear Creek Public Use Area 34.237326 -93.6646316 Narrows Dam
Cowhide Cove Public Use Area 34.1745498 -93.6687967 Narrows Dam
Crater of Diamonds State Park 34.0334423 -93.672404 Murfreesboro
Daisy State Park 34.2326059 -93.7426883 Narrows Dam
Highway 70 Landing Public Use Area 34.24344 -93.8118567 Center Point NE
Kirby Landing Public Use Area 34.2317714 -93.6937986 Narrows Dam
Laurel Creek Public Use Area 34.1870504 -93.7068531 Narrows Dam
Narrows Dam Public Use Area 34.1539958 -93.7129633 Narrows Dam
Parker Creek Public Use Area 34.1581631 -93.742686 Narrows Dam
Pikeville Public Use Area 34.1692737 -93.7293529 Narrows Dam
Riverside Picnic Area 34.143996 -93.7110185 Narrows Dam
Rock Creek Public Use Area 34.2095511 -93.758799 Center Point NE
Self Creek Public Use Area 34.2370506 -93.7629666 Center Point NE
Star of the West Public Use Area 34.2389958 -93.8251902 Center Point NE
Wylie Picnic Area 34.2384393 -93.7510219 Center Point NE

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