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Trail Placenames in Graham County, Arizona

Place Name Latitude Longitude USGS Map
Ash Creek Trail Three Hundred Seven 32.7606236 -109.8723033 Thatcher
Bear Canyon Two hundred ninety-nine Trail 32.6039569 -109.805076 Stockton Pass
Black Rock Trail Two Hundred Ninety Two 32.9222848 -110.2195319 Jackson Mountain
Carter Canyon Number Thirty four Trail 32.765346 -109.9811921 Shingle Mill Mountain
Clark Park Trail Three hundred one 32.7209023 -109.9856358 Webb Peak
Cottonwood Mountain Trail Sixty six 32.6095145 -110.3020302 Bassett Peak
Dutch Henry Two hundred ninety seven Trail 32.6139566 -109.7742428 Stockton Pass
East Divide Two hundred eighty seven Trail 32.5186828 -110.2800843 Bassett Peak
Ellison Cabin Two hundred eighty three Trail 33.0178389 -110.3214805 Mount Turnbull
Fisher Basin Trail Sixty four 32.9372843 -110.2195321 Jackson Mountain
Gardner Canyon Sixty seven Trail 32.9167295 -110.2006425 Jackson Mountain
Gibson Canyon - Deadman Hiline Trail 32.6953461 -109.8539682 Mount Graham
Grant Creek Three hundred five Trail 32.6759023 -109.9298013 Webb Peak
Holdout Trail Sixty Nine 32.9200632 -110.2992563 Cobre Grande Mountain
Horse Canyon Trail Number Two hundred fifty four 32.6514582 -110.3339759 Kennedy Peak
Jesus Goudy Ridge Trail Two hundred ninety eight 32.6667359 -109.9500789 Webb Peak
Junniper Springs Two hundred ninety five Trail 32.6736801 -110.3409209 Kennedy Peak
Lady Bug Trail Three Hundred Twenty Nine 32.6406236 -109.802855 Mount Graham
Nantac Trail 33.2970017 -109.735362 Point of Pines East
Noon Creek Trail 32.6572904 -109.8234113 Mount Graham
Paddys River Two hundred ninety three Trail 32.6261811 -110.2642516 Kennedy Peak
Powers Garden Ninety Six Trail 32.6389584 -110.3567541 Kennedy Peak
Reef Basin Sixty Eight Trail 32.9167301 -110.3070343 Cobre Grande Mountain
Round the Mountain Trail 32.6903459 -109.8136902 Mount Graham
Safford Morence Trail 32.9814513 -109.6728575 Weber Peak
Shingle Mill Mesa Thirty Five Trail 32.7742344 -109.9084145 Shingle Mill Mountain
West Divide Two Hundred Eighty-nine 32.5092383 -110.3234182 Bassett Peak

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