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Military Placenames in San Bernardino County, California

Place Name Latitude Longitude USGS Map
Boron Air Force Station (historical) 35.0805556 -117.5827778 Saddleback Mountain
Camp Ayers (historical) 33.9986239 -117.6881105 Prado Dam
Camp Ibis (historical) 34.9741667 -114.8261111 Bannock
Camp Ibis Army Air Field (historical) 34.9761111 -114.8402778 Bannock
Camp Iron Mountain (historical) 34.0975 -115.1619444 Granite Pass
Cuddeback Lake Air Force Gunnery Range 35.320217 -117.3965375 Cuddeback Lake
Fort Irwin 35.3767882 -116.622927 Drinkwater Lake
George Air Force Base (historical) 34.5947222 -117.3841667 Adelanto
Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow 34.8547453 -116.9401225 Daggett
Marine Corps Supply Center (historical) 34.8572222 -116.7875 Minneola
Naval Air Warfare Center China Lake 35.4186119 -117.406511 West of Black Hills
Naval Auxiliary Air Station Twentynine Palms (historical) 34.2083333 -116.05 Twentynine Palms
Needles Army Air Field (historical) 34.7666667 -114.6222222 Needles
Norton Air Force Base (historical) 34.1 -117.2361111 Redlands
Ontario Army Air Field (historical) 34.0555556 -117.6013889 Guasti
Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base 34.4282876 -116.112329 Deadman Lake NE
Victorville Army Air Field (historical) 34.5861111 -117.3830556 Adelanto

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